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Expert Tire Rotations in Sonoma, CA

Have you checked your tires recently? If you have a flat tire, slow leak, or are experiencing a vibration while driving, bring your vehicle to Broadway Auto Care in Sonoma, California to receive expert service.

Tire Services in Sonoma, CA

The Total Package

Whether you are purchasing new tires or need service on your old set, at Broadway Auto Care, we have trained technicians and the highest quality equipemnt to safely install, repair, and service your tires. Our certified technicians fully inspect your tires in order to make the right recommendations concerning repair or replacement. Total vehicle services are also available.

Tire Mounting

Broadway Auto Care ensures proper mounting of your new tires by providing our technicians with state-of-the-art tire mounting equipment. Our equipment is designed to handle almost all tire and rim combinations.

Tire Rotation

Broadway Auto Care helps you get maximum life out of your tire investment by providing tire rotations in Sonoma, CA. Most manufacturers recommend that tires be rotated regularly at approximately 6,000 mile intervals. 

Tire Balancing

Keep your tires in the best possible condition to ensure your safety on the road. Our tire balancing service includes:

Standard Wheel Balance | Computerized Electronic Wheel Balance | Tire & Valve Stem Inspection | 6 Month/6,000 Mile Warranty

Tire Repair

Flat Repair

Flat tires can happen anytime. When they occur, the tire should be dismounted and closely inspected inside-and-out for any possible damage. Punctures up to 1/4-inch diameter in the tread area can be safely repaired using industry-approved methods. Tires with punctures larger than 1/4-inch diameter or sidewall damage must be replaced. Please give us a call for more information or if you have any questions about your tires.